Agbalu’lade, The New Lemonade

My picky second daughter, R insists this should be the name, and so it is. Agbalu’lade. I had Agbalumo’ade pencilled but…*shrugs*.

As this is her new favourite drink, I have no complaints. Believe me, this is like Lemonade but not exactly. 

If you macerate Agbalumo – add sugar and leave to stand for a few hours, you’ll end up with the very liquid extract of Agbalumo. 



See I’ve tried to make a syrup of Agbalumo – it turned to jam; I’ve had it soak in syrup overnight hoping lots of flavour would be drawn in but ‘No, sir’.


The most successful drink recipes I’d tried before this discovery? An infusion made from the skin and seeds and a smoothie. Does the smoothie count?


I’d essentially not accomplished my aim of a drink with the essence of Agbalumo because I was convinced that cooking was the best way to extract that flavour. Turns out it isn’t.

What the maceration does is draw out the liquid into the fruit, into solution with the sugar. 

The flesh and seeds both macerate beautifully and create quite different tasting results – the flesh gives a cloudy orange liquid that is Agbalumo. Combined with water and ice, this is the easiest ‘ade you’ve ever made. The seeds create a cloudy, thick liquid – almost like soursoup but not. Sweeter than that from the flesh.

L: liquids from flesh; R: liquid from seeds

This is the ‘ish.


The flesh of the fruit went on to be dried – ready for its future in cakes and bakes and whatnots and the liquid, combined with orange segments is here.


Perfect for the transitions of seasons, perfect frozen for use another day and best drunk.


What do you think?


  1. This is totally doable! I’m going to (spend a lot of time wondering whether I will be able to) replicate it!

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