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Video: My TEDx Talk/ Journey By Plate

by on November 24, 2014

Three (3) months ago, I got a call from Donald, the organiser of TEDxPortHarcourt.

He invited me to speak at the upcoming TEDx event.

Half way between moving away from Port Harcourt and calling Lagos home, I accepted. Terrified. Excited. Not even sure of how my ‘story’ would go with the ‘Where We Are’ theme, but it was definitely hard when I first contacted the movers in montreal to make the first step into moving away.

But I wanted to do it and with the excellent support of the TEDx team, we did.

There were a number of amazing talks – from Education to Information Security, Public Health, Leadership, Loving Nigeria and taking a stand on Politics. I’m still mulling over the lessons I learned and going over the videos, one by one.

So here it is, everything I want to do and be with food…in words and actions :)…here for you.

And the presentation I talked through 🙂

Attaining fulfillment, step by step.