Video: My TEDx Talk/ Journey By Plate

Three (3) months ago, I got a call from Donald, the organiser of TEDxPortHarcourt.

He invited me to speak at the upcoming TEDx event.

Halfway between moving away from Port Harcourt and calling Lagos home, I accepted. Terrified. Excited. Not even sure of how my ‘story’ would go with the ‘Where We Are’ theme, but it was definitely hard when I first contacted the movers in montreal to make the first step into moving away.

But I wanted to do it and with the excellent support of the TEDx team, we did.

There were a number of amazing talks – from Education to Information Security, Public Health, Leadership, Loving Nigeria and taking a stand on Politics. I’m still mulling over the lessons I learned and going over the videos, one by one.

So here it is, everything I want to do and be with food…in words and actions :)…here for you.

And the presentation I talked through 🙂

Attaining fulfillment, step by step.


  1. i really loved your talk!! Thank you for the Book-WOMAN,FOOD AND HER GOD.
    my birthday was on june 22nd..All the meals and drinks served at my party were from your creative recipes..all my guest were amazed.
    Thanks alot…You ROCK!!!

  2. What an awesome talk Ozoz! I find it very inspiring and share the exact same sentiments with you 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed listening to your talk – well done! Nigerian food is fantastic, but you are right, we could do so much more! There are several bloggers out there, yourself included, who are reimagining Nigerian dishes, putting a modern touch on them and actually making them look good on the plate! (I find Nigerian food is very hard to photograph) I think food can bring people together and help create a national identity. Just look at how Jamie Oliver’s jollof rice fired up the conversation.

    • Thank you dear. You did an amazzzzzzzzzzzzing job of photographing it in South of The Sahara.

      Yes, Jamie’s post for all intents and purposes fired people up 🙂 – Food is definitely glue

  4. You Tedx Talk is fabulous! and I do not use that word lightly. I smiled through the whole thing. Inspiring, exciting ideas, beautifully presented. Well done you!

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