The Days After Thanksgiving

…Have found me in bed. Prostrate. Terrible back ache that has kept me not quite sitting, standing or lying down with any measure of comfort.

I’m much better now. Back at work and checking with the doctors to make sure everything is fine.

But still I have reasons to be thankful. I’m alive, right?

The aerial view

Thankful for failure. And for friendships.

Thankful for the joys of feasting together, with children :-). Mine (3) and a friend’s (3), with only 2 adults in tow – myself and my friend’s niece. And most amazingly, the easiest dinner I’d ever hosted.

Perhaps because I was in so much pain, I limited my talking, laughing and ‘correcting’….and things moderated themselves.

Damn. That so doesn’t mean its time to dispense with me and my ways.

Children, hear?

Dinner was a fairly simple, if celebratory affair:

Roast chicken
Roast chicken

Roast chicken expertly carved….

Well carved roast chicken


….though not by me – by the kids and my friend’s niece!

Well carved chicken

Roast potatoes. With Sage. And Olive Oil.

Roast Potatoes

Roasted Winter Squash. In Sage browned butter.

Roasted Winter Squash

Steamed carrots.

Fresh apple-cucumber-green pepper-cilantro salad.

The hands that feast

Zobo jelly. Softset, I know. But still, Zobo jelly. In place of cranberry sauce. Like our Pitanga cherry one from last  Thanksgiving.

Zobo_Pepper JElly

Zobo punch. Which my children are totally crazy about. Served in the style of Chapman, with lots of crushed ice, cucumber, lemon & lime slices and supremes of oranges.

Zobo punch, in focus

And cake. And milk (for the 6yo son)

The wreck

Yep. Many reasons to be thankful.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]The Days After Thanksgiving – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. Hey Oz, that’s not good news.. Very sorry about your health. Take care and get well soon. Do rest quite often.
    Excellent post as usual. I know you can’t stop yourself!! Keep the spirit high!

  2. Oh dear friend, I’m so sorry for both your physical and emotional pain of the past week or two. XO Wishing you healing in body and spirit. XO

  3. What a wonderful Thanksgiving feast! I’d love to try your Zobo punch, hope you share that and your recipe for the apple-cucumber salad soon (if you don’t already have it somewhere here on blog). So glad you’re feeling better now 🙂

  4. So sorry to hear you’ve been laid up with back issues, I have suffered them in the past and know your pain. Although we are indispensable, life does seem to roll on until we are back.

    Your Thanksgiving meal looks perfect, a place for all to gather, what could be better?

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