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Tell-tale signs of a Foodie…

by on November 27, 2009

I love food. I love blogging. I love food blogging! This weekend, I’m in London, connecting with other food bloggers. Excited is not the word I would use to describe how I feel…..the word hasn’t been invented yet!

Today, I present my list of foodie facts…signs of food addiction. So, have you got the Food bug? Are you showing any signs of food dependency?

Calorie I didn't like Here are 18 facts to id a foodie!

  • Never goes to a new place without looking up a list of foods to bring back, aka Paris, Germany…and more
  • Food profling is nothing. The ability to take 100 photos of pie and mash from every angle….and delete 98!
  • Never travels light – especially if visiting friends. Will take a lot of the local delights from home – abroad….and return the same. Husbands, colleagues, friends may mutter but what needs to be done, has to be done
  • Would rather shop for fruit and veg than shoes

IMG_0569Hobbemaplein 097

  • Is a collector – of recipes, cookbooks, food ingredients and facts

Cookbooks I bought

  • Always has more than one favorite apple recipe. Forget what favourite means. Favourite is a word that applies to many recipes…just like my husband and his favourite football player – doesn’t exist is also another word!
  • Would vote a cookbook as top reading of the year
  • Autumn and Winter reading could easily involve curling up on a sofa with a tartan blanket….reading cookbooks…..
  • Never gives up. One failure doesn’t mark the end
  • Thinks about the next meal when eating; eats when cooking, cooks in her sleep, wakes up to eat and starts the cycle…all over again
  • Delights in new ways to cook

Weetabix with marmalade and jam

  • Never loses hope. Despairs…but hopes again, even when the grey rings are apparent on your soft boiled eggs and you medium rare steak is cooked to bronze perfection
  • Knows what side her bread is buttered on
  • Appreciates other foodies…hey look at the world of food blogging
  • Wants to keep the ties that bind…and so rather than bore friends and family to death, starts a food blog and connect with other like-minded obsessives.
  • Hopes, Trusts, Perseveres…one day she will make her own puff pastry….
  • Buys a 2.5 kg of chocolate…with no recipe in mind. Or a 5kg box of pears…for something is bound to turn up. Buys 3kg of apples when there is no food crisis or 192 eggs!


  • Buys it first, worries about what to do with it later for Google will not fail
  • I have more facts…but they’ve evapourated or condensed…either way they’re out of my memoreach!

Now.. I’m off to London to enjoy a weekend with other like-minded people at the Food Bloggers Connect 2009…will try to come back with some photos

Can you identify with one thing on the list? Please say Amen…and please, please, please, add your favourite tell-tale sign….of food addiction!

Till we eat again…. XOXO

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