Food Bloggers Connect 2009…..happened!

I’m back. With a bang and boy, have I missed blogging…though being with bloggers has eased the pain….a bit! Promise you all the details soon!


From left to right: Sarah of Maison cupcake, Deeba of passionate about baking, Jamie of Life’s a feast, Alessio of Recipe Taster, Pam of Cooking Ninja, Sunita of Sunita’s world, Mowie of Mowielicious and Beth of Dirty Kitchen Secrets. I took the photo!

Till then, feast your eyes and enjoy this quiches!


And remember this chocolate fact 🙂


And SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE!! SUBSCRIBE!!!.Please… you don’t ever have to miss a KB update! Thanks.

X O X O[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Food Bloggers Connect 2009…..happened! – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. Jen, Sarah…who needs sleep? Afterall, we only have young kids who keep us awake daily 🙂 so why go to bed when they do???

    Jamie, Sunita, Mowie, Jean, Jeanne, Beth (London), Sarka, Sarah – I had a ball, I regret not bringing Dutch delights for y’all but that is easily remedied. I can’t promise kitchen aids or anything like that, maybe some Douwe Egberts would do! We’ll see next year!

    Beth (Baltimore) – thanks for educating me on red velvet….glad I didn’t disgrace myself. Now had this been 2 weeks ago, hmm, story may have been very different!

    Thanks Kate…forgive me for being tired…should have put the names up but that’s all sorted now! NYD – next time!

  2. Cool pic! I’m sorry I could not make the Sunday walk but I did love meeting you on Saturday & will definitely be keeping in touch 🙂 Look forward to your full FBC09 report.

  3. Oz my darling! It was great meeting you and chatting with you over the weekend, such a shame we couldn’t do more of it! Who knew the Nigerian food blogging circle was so big my sistah?! =) Can’t wait for the full FBC report! xxx

  4. Sweetheart, I (and many others) was thrilled to meet you and spend so much time with you! I cannot wait for your full report on FBC! And thank you so much for that fab coaster you gave me! LOL too great and I’ll be putting it on my blog! Hugs to you and so happy to now call you friend!

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