Red Amaranth-Yaji Hummus

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 25, 2017
Everyone loves hummus in my family – that silken, thick puree of chickpeas. Lately, I’ve taken to spiking mine with yaji – suya spice. The smoky, nutty flavours switches the hummus up and adds a kick. In my red amaranth haze, craze, I blanched some – essentially washed and dipped into hot water till soft/ […]

Small Chops: Meatball Puff Puff

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 22, 2016
This right here is the best of three worlds – puff puff, chicken and suya! But you knew I’d get here, right? Seeing how crazy I am about puff puff and its offspring, celebrating it all in a party, with new ideas and more.  So it was that last Christmas – yes, it’s been 9 […]