How to Make Nkwobi Jollof

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 31, 2016
I’m a  fan of fusion and merging but you already know that. This dish is the result of a night out with M of OmNomLagos at the  SAOCafe in Lekki 1, Lagos. Can I just say I  love SAOcafe? It is a beautifully designed space. Before I went there, two friends on separate occasions in […]

Akara ‘Nigerian Toast’

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 29, 2016
Which originally began life as Akara French Toast. However, in view of where we are, and the nudging of @berri_licious, I rechristened it thus Akara Nigerian Toast or just simply ‘Nigerian Toast’.  I like the idea of savoury French Toast and have had versions with cilantro and spring onions, inspired by an Indian recipe and […]

10 Things to Do With Carrots in Season

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 29, 2016
Carrots are in season.  Here are 10 ways we’re eating and drinking them them: 1. Eat raw – washed, peeled, washed again and chomped on. Want some dipping sauces? Combine plain/ natural yogurt with curry powder and cilantro leaves, to taste 2. Grate and add to sandwich fillings, salads – cooked and raw, stir fries, rice […]

A Citrus I cannot Name: Lime or Lemon?

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 21, 2016
There are many things which make me happy. There are quite a few that drive me mad. Not being able to name a fruit or vegetable? One of them. Like Monkey Cola, and now, this citrus that looks a bit like a lemon and tastes a bit like lime. One Sunday, we braved traffic and […]

In Season, In Season – Carrot Pepper soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 19, 2016
I’m trying to eat more than carrot cake, delicious as my version of it is – adapted from food52 and topped with the same lemony cream cheese frosting as goes on my red velvet cake. The last time I made some Carrot cake, on Boxing Day. If you didn’t know the origins of Boxing day […]

10 Lessons: From The Jollof Rice Installation & Exhibition

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 7, 2016
This exhibition was everything I love about food. The sculptor and curator describe it as ‘Sculpture meets food meets travel meets history’. As you well know, I’m fascinated by the history and culture behind Jollof Rice. Its origins, the translations, the fascination we have with it and of course the ‘wars‘ it has begun :). So […]

Best wishes for 2016

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 4, 2016
Very best wishes for 2016. The year of ‘The book for me’. All the very best xxx[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Best wishes for 2016 – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]