Marketplace: Tomatoes. By The Basket Load

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 16, 2013
They come from all over Nigeria and go by different names, speaking to their provenance, their source and origins. The tomatoes do. Names unpronounceable in some languages, where certain consonant combinations are never found. Like gb. Pronounced with force and confidence.  And literally known as labial-velar consonants. Truly doubly articulated labial–velars occur as stops and nasals in the majority […]

Nigeria’s Dry Season’s Produce: January/February

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 2, 2013
Some day soon, I’ll have a record that’s complete. I’ll know exactly when to lie in wait for mangoes, buy the best pineapples and feast on Ube, with corn. This is the start of that catalogue. The Nigerian climate, like most tropical countries consists of seasons, rainy and dry. Obviously, there are differences from north to […]