Technique: How to Juice a Lime

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 19, 2014
To juice a lime…with ease, you’ll need the greenest, smoothest-skinned, most fragrant limes. Ever. Well…..even yellowing, gnarled limes would work. Moving on. You’ll need a sharp knife and thus your wits about you. And a beautiful handheld citrus press, or you could be here all night. Don’t forget you’ll need a cup too, a receptacle to […]

Quick & Easy: Lime-Pickled Onions

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 9, 2014
It’s the transformation that gets me. The beautiful change of colour in the purple onions to almost magenta. It’s the acid in the fresh limes that result in this. That creates this thing of beauty. The bite of the onion is tempered, and the texture is slightly softened. The acid in the lime juice sets […]

How To Eat Fried Snails

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 18, 2013
Peppered. Freshly made. Leftovers. Freshly warmed. Who cares? On a toothpick. Or by hand. Standing up. Sitting down. By the dozen. Or half-dozen, belying your generosity. Not showing your greed. A half-dozen, at the very least. But one by one. One after the other. Hard flesh, rubbery flesh, crunch. Juicy tentacles. With rice. Delicious, freshly-boiled […]

Roasted Rhubarb Limeade

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 27, 2010
The prospect of S’mores fired her up intensely. From deep in her belly, she longed to stoke a fire, so its rising flames and cackling sounds could warm her and melt her ‘mallows till they softened and oozed their sugary goodness onto some good grahams. And the chocolate would quickly follow, it too melting in […]