Ideas in Nigerian Food – Agbalumo Jelly

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 11, 2016
Yep, I think I have a vegan winner with this one. Yep.  This jelly is made with sweetened Agbalumo juice and set at room temperature in no time. I couldn’t find gelatine sheets in Lagos – and no, I did not look in every single shop. So agar agar it was. Anyhoo, the texture takes […]

Nigerian Dessert Recipes for Easter & Beyond

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 1, 2015
It wasn’t till I was an adult that I realised we didn’t have a class of ‘Nigerian desserts’. Growing up, desserts in their elaborate western form weren’t our thing. We kept it simple and fresh. Mostly. We had fresh fruit salads and cakes, Ice cream and jelly and that was mostly it. It was enough […]