How To Make Correct Nigerian Stock

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 25, 2016
Stock – the bedrock of Jollof Rice, of Fried Rice, Stews and more is easy to make. Nigerian stock differs from ‘Western’ style stocks because of the ingredients used. Your average Nigerian stock has red onions, fresh ginger and garlic, curry powder and dried thyme and more. In Europe, America and some other parts of […]

Kitchen Hacks: Buying Chicken Backs for Stock

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 24, 2016
I consider stock – vegetable, chicken or beef – essential to my kitchen. From Jollof Rice to Fried, stews and other sauces, it changes the game infusing it with rich flavour and essence. When I was younger, I used stock that was the result of cooking meat which would accompany the meal. Over time, that […]