The Ackee Tree Restaurant, Barbados

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 10, 2010
We journey to a place Bringing pieces of our heart with us And as we make our way through We discover yet another new place We wish to journey to. When we leave We take a piece of the land And plan our next journeys To a distant land So it was that I discovered […]

Sweet Potatoes: My Bajan Cooking Class

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 24, 2010
‘Guilty as charged, Your Honour.’ ‘What is the charge, accused?’ ‘Well, Your Honour, it was 4 weeks ago when I promised the defendants some recipes from a now-distant trip to Barbados’. ‘And why have you kept them waiting so long?’ ‘Well, Your Honour, since then 1) The pain in my right, writing hand has come […]

Barbados in a Nutshell…

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 9, 2010
……Stories from a crazy cook’s holiday! Weeks later my eyes are still awash with white and magenta sand grains, bleu celeste waters and the heat, oh the heat! Why Barbados?