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In Season, In Season – Mangoes…

by on February 9, 2015

…are in season and I am stoked.

Mangoes are in season across oceans and continents, from India to Pakistan, Australia to Nigeria. How fragrantly we’re joined.

For me, the first fruits of the season are always eaten out of hand. We spend the first week or so re-acquainting ourselves with the familiar scents, part-ambrosia, part ‘tropical’, the delight that is the mango.

This morning, I went to the market planning on buying lots of Agbalumo (cherries) but what should I see? Mangoes. I squealed in delight (can you squeal any other way), asking, panting, barely able to line up coherent words. Eventually, I was able to present a few composed questions, and the answers came forth. 


These are from Ogbomosho, a city in the west of Nigeria. I haven’t been there but I’m in love with it, and its produce. Sigh, mangoes have that ability.

Anyhoo, there’ll be more on mangoes from me soon but while you’re waiting and planning and dreaming of juicy fruit, here is some inspiration, in words and techniques and combinations

There’s more but…let this give you lots to look forward to. 

Mango lover or na? Tell all. What do you like to do with it too???[wpurp-searchable-recipe]In Season, In Season – Mangoes… – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]