There were 34 Meyer lemons
sitting in two boxes
There were 34 Meyer lemons
sitting in two boxes

Partying with Meyers

And then 4 lemons went to the friend down the road
then there were 30 Meyer lemons
sitting in two boxes
Then 2 went in a pie

Too sweet ‘Meyer Lemon Meringue Pie’

The leftover pie (too sweet) went into some ice cream
the ice-cream got frozen
got eaten

Meyer Lemon Meringue Pie Ice-cream

And 3 went to the neighbour on the right
and 3 more to the friend across the street
then there were 22 Meyer lemons
sitting in two boxes
1 got cut up and the kids ‘ate’ the pieces
floral, fragrant, lemony, like kumquats
they said, they loved it
Then 6 got frozen, whole
Ready for grating, blitzing, pureeing
5 went into Meyer Lemon ice-cream
4 got blitzed with sugar and frozen in ice-cube trays
Perfect for topping focaccia with Parma ham and olives
Now there were 6 Meyer lemons sitting in the box
2 went into the tastiest, most fragrant lemon curd ever
1 topped the most delicious foccaccia
bitter, sweet and lemony
1 went into a strawberry curd
Then there were 2 Meyer lemons
left and lonely as can be
1 was zested and tossed with strawberries
And the last one
Boy I can’t remember where it went!
There goes the tale 
of 34 Meyer lemons in two boxes



I had my first ever taste of Meyer lemons last June, fresh from New York and Norma.

That was a year in the making, for I’d sought them hard on my first US trip in 2011. Alas then, it wasn’t to be.

This December past, I had my sister bring 2 clam boxes full of Meyer lemons for me, and its right to say I’m obsessed. To add more juice to my ‘lemonade’, my friend, N brought me 10 more from her US trip in January! I’m in Meyer heaven.

For this reason, I’ve experimented non-stop with the juicy darlings……and come up with some gems, which I hope to share with you in the coming days. The one thing I haven’t made with Meyers which I am longing to are Lemon bars……but I will. Soon.

So, in the next few days, there will be lots of talk about the Meyer lemon- talk about its anatomy, wonderful ways to coax fruity, floral flavours from skin and pith, tips on growing your own Meyers and a series of guest posts from fellow Meyer lovers.

If you’ve had a special experience with Meyer lemons and would love to share it, let me know!

Till then, watch this space!

To the Meyer! To the Meyer!!

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