Cook Naija: Gizzards & Dodo

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 22, 2012
Nose to tail isn’t a passing fad in Nigeria, or a new culinary trend – it has and always will be a part of our food culture, of our heritage. It isn’t the offspring of one parent – poverty, but it was born of necessity, of sustainability, of  wasting not and thus wanting not. It […]

Pull-Apart Bread, Three Ways

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 18, 2012
I could extol the virtues of this loaves If I thought they needed my help I would sing high praises From the top of a mountain And do a one-legged jig But they need no assistance   Call it a version Of the Cinnamon roll The Sticky Bun Chocolate Orange whirls All deconstructed No knives […]

Pineapple: The Fruit, The Whole Fruit & Nothing But The Fruit

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 10, 2012
‘Mama, can we have breakfast together?’, he asked. Lazing on the couch, I barely stirred. I was lounging, enjoying a day off. It was Monday, the First of October, Nigeria’s independence day and a public holiday! I couldn’t say ‘no’. I couldn’t say ‘go away, I’m resting’. ‘I haven’t had a good break in months’. […]