Nigerian Street Food: Bole & Fish

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 19, 2012
I haven’t met a fish tail I didn’t like. Or couldn’t eat. Don’t get me wrong though, it hasn’t been all fun and games. Not especially on that Monday afternoon, decked in a white top and sky blue dress, ready to wow my audience at the afternoon meeting.  All this without properly consulting my fish […]

Kitchen Butterfly featured on Gourmet Live

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 12, 2012
Back in January…. (gosh where has time gone???), featured me in their ‘Foodblogger of the week’ and thrilled was I… [wpurp-searchable-recipe]Kitchen Butterfly featured on Gourmet Live – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

Me and My Mangoes

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 1, 2012
I am three times a lady. I want you to remember that. No matter what you read in the coming minutes, just think ‘Three times a lady’. Time one – I have ‘trained’  myself to wear 6 inch heels, with little fear of tragedy a la sprained ankles and I can actually walk in them. […]