Merry Christmas & A Happy 2012

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 24, 2011
Dear friends, readers, strangers and loved ones. Thank you for the wonders that 2011 held for me – the loss of a friend, a country move, lots of food and still intense passion about cooking and learning and sharing. I feel blessed to be me, surrounded by a world of amazing people – you. Every […]

‘Simmer & Stir’ Christmas Cake

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 20, 2011
No corny statements about how quickly Christmas has come this year.No, none. Only cake. A fruit cake. The likes of which I’ve never made before. Dreamt of making….yes but one of those dreams which die hard and early. I grew up with Fruitcakes every Christmas, lovingly made by Mrs O, a friend of my mum’s. […]

New York Bagels (Not in Nigeria, FYI)

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 12, 2011
Calling all the New Yorkers out there.  Before we moved from the Netherlands (I know I keep going back to those days….), I tried my hands at making bagels. And succeeded too. And because I promised you bagels and Nigerian stews (not served together mind you) – here it is. See I feel that for […]

Reasons to Believe: Celebrating Sinterklaas in Nigeria

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 5, 2011
What are memories made of? Fragments of colored glass, perfect for life’s grand mosaic Pieces of patterned cloth for the patchwork quilt of our earth journeys And thick threads, for the tapestries we weave of the world

The Taming of The Stew

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 2, 2011
His cries of ‘spice, spice’ herald new beginnings, but at only 4 years old…this little man knows it not. This is the first proper ‘thing’ to come out of our new kitchen ( long before our delicious churros which have been followed by cupcakes and pizza. I’m thankful I can still cook and bake!), or […]