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Flavour Pairings with Agbalumo

Yes, flavour pairings are a personal thing…what people like to eat together, but also what ingredients go with what.They are also based on scientific studies – flavour families with which we’re familiar, like floral of Zobo and Meyer lemons; citrus of oranges and limes and lemons; and on and on and on. The truth is certain […]

Philosophy & Practice

The ‘New Nigerian Kitchen’ is a term I coined in 2013 and articulated in my 2014 TEDx Talk to describe my approach and practice to the many faces and facets of Nigerian cuisine and my strong belief that Food is more than eating. It is a celebration & documentation of Nigerian food in its entirety, from history […]

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Matrimony – An Agbalumo (Star Apple) Fruit Salad From Jamaica

It’s the season of my favourite ‘fruit to explore’ – Agbalumo aka the African star apple. The star apple is found in many Caribbean and South East Asian countries, including Jamaica. Around the world in star apples Around the world in star apple names Why am I so intrigued about this fruit one might wonder? […]

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Twenty (20) Things to Know & Make With Agbalumo

Last season (December 2014 – April 2015), I ‘discovered’ other aspects and characteristics of Agbalumo that hitherto were unknown. I’m glad  its back because I have a few more recipes to try with our African Star Apple, My intention is to make some specialty Agbalumo treats for sale, especially the drinks and chutney. In the meantime, here’s […]