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Nigerian Cuisine

The Anatomy of a Purple Pear, Ube

Ube. African Butter Pear What is it? Wikipedia described it as ‘an ellipsoidal drupe which varies in length from 4 to 12 cm.’ Known by many names from Ube (Igbo) to Safou (French), elemi (Yoruba), eben (Efik) and orumu (Benin), it appears its botanical name, Dacryodes edulis comes from the Greek word ‘dakruon‘ (a tear) and ‘edulis’ meaning edible. I […]


A Talk – On Nigerian Cuisine

Yesterday, I gave a talk on Nigerian cuisine to a group of women at the 39th Nigeria Annual International Conference & Exhibition (NAICE) in conjunction with the Society of Petroleum Engineers, holding in Lagos, Nigeria. I thoroughly enjoyed myself but I almost always do when it comes to food, don’t I?  First there was a […]