How to make any jam glaze

Glazes bring amazing shine to bakes, from breads to fruit and bakes.

While apricot jam glaze is very popular other jams and jellies work. I like to use ginger when I want a hint of spice. For berries, I use redcurrant jelly but there is a world of options.

A ginger jam glaze is one of my favourite ones – it does the work of the shine and adds a touch of sweet, warming heat to the mix. Like in my rhubarb strawberry galette de Perouges

Rhubarb in season


  • Jam
  • Liquid – liqueur or water. I used ginger wine


In a small pan, combine the jam and liquid, in my case 3 tablespoons of ginger jam and the same of ginger wine. I could have used ginger beer as well. Or water.

Rhubarb in season

Simmer on medium to low heat till the jam melts into the liquid and the result is a syrup of sorts

Rhubarb in season

Take off the heat and use as desired

Rhubarb in season

Rhubarb in season

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