Version 1.2: Nigerian Seasonal Produce Calendar

Becoming comfortable with progression is one of the best things to happen to me as an adult. Starting a thing and then making periodic changes to improve it. 

Often, we are loathe to begin because we don’t have it fully fleshed out and we believe the world might not be as accommodating of our step-wise growth but I beg to differ. I think it’s important to lay claim, plant roots, begin that thing today and then slowly craft it and watch it blossom.

This is certainly not true for all endeavours, but it is for my seasonal produce calendar and for much of my life.

It was early in 2013, I first thought about creating a seasonal produce calendar for Nigerian fruits and vegetables and then 2016 till I published the first edition. In that time, I’ve made 2 updates and there are more to come. 

  • Why did I begin? I had 80% of the answers and a la pareto, that seemed enough
  • Why do I update? To make room for what I learn in the process and what I observe
  • Is it correct? To an extent it is, its reflective of a mean, an average across Nigeria. I’ll continue to seek and find information that allows me refine and improve it
  • Is it frustrating to never finish this project? Not really. I am proud of this resource and I keep finding ways to improve it but I’ve also learnt it’s key to know when to stop working on it, when to put it out there and let it live, breathe, exist

My point? Start today. Small steps are everything. You can’t fail at what you haven’t tried, what you haven’t begun so ‘sod that’ and let go. Just do it!

This update sees a few changes: extensions of seasons, additions, etc etc

Extension of seasons:

From Monkey Cola to Cola Lepidota as both Cola Lepidota and Cola Millenii are called ‘Monkey Kolas’. However, they have different, if overlapping fruiting seasons.
So there…and here…the updated calendar


  1. i came across you blog a couple of years ago while trying to figure out seasonality of Nigerian fruits. It has since become an essential resource and i refer to it intermitently like i did today to find that there are updates. Thank you for doing this. I would love to see reference to where one can get these fruits in abundanc across the country if you have that information too.(thats the oliver twist in me talking (;-).

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