The Anatomy of Nigerian Small Chops

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 18, 2017
For my thousandth post, I’m celebrating Nigerian Small Chops. Finger chops. Finger foods. Bite-sized food, eaten conveniently with fingers in  a bite, one bite – at most, a few bites. Popular at events for the variety they offer and truly some of my favourite things ever.  And I can’t believe I’ve written a thousand blog posts. And […]

The Anatomy of Fresh Turmeric

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 19, 2015
The rhizomes – small tubers – of Turmeric remind me of Jerusalem artichokes and ginger at the same time, smaller though. There are a few differences I’ve observed –  Difference 1 – Anatomy The skin has more ribs than that of ginger and the rhizomes are generally smaller in size.  Difference 2 – Colour We […]

The Anatomy of a Tangelo

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 29, 2015
I’ve always loved tangelos, bigger and juicier than regular tangerines, we would ‘import’ them to Warri and Port Harcourt whenever family came from Lagos and Ore in the west of the country. I always thought they were a cross between oranges and tangerines, I didn’t know till a few weeks ago that they are actually […]

The Anatomy of Soursop

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 4, 2015
Annona muricata, also known as Soursop. Apparently, it is in the same genus as the chirimoya and the same family as the pawpaw. Growing up, this was one of my older sister’s favourite fruits. I’d watch her eat it and suck creamy pulp from black seeds. Occassionally, I would tuck in and enjoy but it was […]

The Anatomy of Agbalumo

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 18, 2015
This study was taken on, to find out the best way to remove the flesh of the agbalumo for preservation and processing. Typically, after a thorough washing, I press the top sides of my agbalumo around the stalk in to ‘break the fruit’. Out seeps a creamy sweet and tart juice that is rapidly licked. […]

The Anatomy of Lemongrass

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 16, 2015
I grew up putting lemongrass leaves in everything from hot water to soup and rice. If you haven’t tried it, just snip off a few leaves, wash, rub between your palms to bruise and tie up in a small bundle using a blade of grass. Toss this in a pot of hot water with scent leaves and […]

Nigeria’s Rainy Season Produce: September & Garden Eggs

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 11, 2013
In season, in season, garden eggs are in season. Truth be told they’ve been in season for a month or so now. Wheel-barrowed boys and men push these out-of-hand eggs around the city. Parking at office gates, awaiting the gong of closing time for sales to peak. Or outside school gates, though I doubt this […]

The Anatomy of a Meyer Lemon

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 21, 2013
I have a list fetish. I feed it in my ever-present notebook. Shopping lists, reading lists, lists of places to see, people to write to and on and on. When you combine both, you end up with a bucket list. Not for everything but for ‘big’ occasions. Like I had for my first New York trip. At the […]

The Anatomy of an Artichoke

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 31, 2012
Note: The exploration for this post was done in 2011 while I lived  in The Netherlands. Artichokes haven’t appeared in any store aisles in Nigeria (that I’ve come across anyway….). I am sharing it because I unearthed some ‘gems’  in the process. I hope you enjoy reading it. —–♥♥♥♥♥—– None of my memories, sleeping or […]