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Best-ever Puff-Puff Party

Last weekend, I had a puff-puff party. It was the best puff-puff party I’d ever had. Been to. The only one too :). Anchored by the fact that my puff-puff game had improved considerably in a week of making it three times, and a comment J, my daughter made about said fried dough, I gathered a veritable […]

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Can I have a Puff-Puff?

Kitchen Alert – Puff-Puff on the brain. Current obsessions. Testing the bounds of Fried Dough. Like we’ve done for Agbalumo and Meyer lemons, Mangoes and more. But I was thinking about language and Puff-Puff and it occurred to me that I haven’t ever heard someone ask ‘Can I have a puff-puff?’ Sounds wrong. To my […]