Skin Tomatoes

Some recipes call for skinned tomatoes – don’t panic. You can do it yourself.  Here’s how

You can skin tomatoes of any/all sizes and Firm, ripe tomatoes work best if you want to keep the seeds/retain the juices.

How to

Prepare the tomatoes by washing them. Then put the kettle on to boil.

Bowl of tomatoes

While the water is boiling, make little crosses on the underside (the bottom – not the top where the stallk is) of the tomatoes.

Make a cross Make crosses

Then put tomatoes in a bowl and pour boiling water to cover the tomatoes.

Pour boiling water over tomatoes In hot water

Leave them for a minute or two then test one to see if it is ready by pulling the edge of the skin .

In hot water Tomatoes, ready to be peeled

When it is ready, drain the water off and leave to cool for a minute, before taking the skin off. Pinching one edge, peel back and do the same off the other edges. Best done over a bowl to catch whatever juices try to escape.

Skinned tomatoes

Use as directed in the recipe.

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