Oven-roast tomatoes

Making oven-roasted tomatoes is amongst the easiest things to do. All you need is an oven, some herbs and spices and you’re set to go. Especially when you can get tomatoes by the box.

Roasted tomatoes are delightful and can be used in a variety of ways – from salads, to snacks, to pastes and sauces, there is no limit to their versatility.

In the jar 

To make them,

You’ll need

As many tomatoes as you like – I used snack plum tomatoes
Seasoning to flavour them – I used some Sel herbes de provence I got in Paris
Some olive oil
Garlic cloves

Snack tomatoes


A tip: If using plum tomatoes, halve lengthways. If using round tomatoes, halve across the middle
How to

Wash tomatoes

Snack tomatoes washed Snack tomatoes washed

Halve  and lay cut side up on a baking tray

Placed on tray

Season with salt and herbs and add garlic cloves

Srpinkled with sel herbe de provence Srpinkled with sel herbe de provenceSrpinkled with sel herbe de provence Garlic with tomatoes

Drizzle some olive oil over them

Drizzle of olive oil

Place in the middle of the oven for 2 hours (at 100 degrees centigrade), then increase oven to 150 degrees centigrade and roast for another 1/2 – 1 hour, depending on how dry you want them.

In oven

They should have shrunk to about half their original size but still retain their moistness

Almost ready

Cool and refigerate in a clean bowl or jar for a week, on their own or…

In a jar

… topping off with oil and additional herbs and spices (assuming they are not all polished off minutes after getting out of the oven!)  My aim here was to infuse the oil with flavour for a tasty semi-conserva (conserva is a tomato paste/tomato puree traditionally made from sun-dried tomatoes and pureed.After which it is stored and preserved by covering with (olive) oil. This oil is often used to flavour cooked and non-cooked dishes. Of course we’re talking origin Italiano).

Potted with olive oil and black peppercorns

 If they do, proceed to save a few for some Chicken caprese millefeuille!

In the jar

And then layer some on brown bread with grated cheese, like my man did!

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