Dry a bottle

Sometimes you need a bottle quickly… but it’s wet. How can you dry it? Well here’s the solution to having a dried bottle in minutes.

Back at home in Nigeria, when I need to dry bottles, I’d put in some garri – similar in texture to couscous. Now I use couscous.

First of all you have your wet (washed) bottle

Then pour in about a teaspoon – tablespoon of couscous, depending on how large the bottle is.

Wet bottle CouscousCouscous in wet bottle Shake around till

Shake the bottle around so it absorbs all the water. You’ll notice the couscous grains are fluffed up a bit.

Couscous puffs up

When the water has all been absorbed, tip the couscous out. You may need to repeat the process of putting dry couscous in- shaking around- emptying out once or twice till bottle is dried. For this small 200ml bottle I had, I only had to do it once.

There you have it, your dried bottle. Ready to use as you will. 

Bottle is dry Dry bottle

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