Ayobami’s Plansagna: Dodo meets Lasagna

Ayobami says: ‘I have recently started experimenting with what we’re calling plansagna at this time: pan-fried dodo at the base, layered with shaved steak, grilled peppers, and mozzarella, then baked. It’s still a work in progress but it’s my most exciting dodo creation for now. 

To make plansagna, you’ll need:

I added ata din din


Here’s what I did. I prepped everything to start:

  • Roasted peppers, skinned and sliced
  • Fried plantain aka dodo
  • Grated mozzarella cheese
  • Grilled and sliced steak

First in plantain, in a single layer. Topped with steak


Followed by the roasted peppers


Then ata din din, beautiful contrast to the sweet plantains



Some grated mozzarella to finish it up


And then into a hot oven – I set it to the highest, 260 deg C for 15 minutes.


It emerged the picture of perfection: hot through and through, with melted, stretchy cheese


The eating was the best because the pepper sauce worked with the cheese texture to show off the goodness of the plantains. The steak, the peppers, and the dodo themselves – harmonyyyyyyyyyyyy.



It was loaded!!!


And delicious. Definitely a make-more-often typa thing. Like my yam tray bake! Nigerian savoury bakes for the win!


I served it with rice. It was heavenly and you shall see me make this more often.



Thank you, Ayobami.

Recipe by Ayobami; Photos by me

Ayobami Olufadeji (@0moba) is an amateur level 3 emergency physician but can’t wait to be done with this phase so he can begin on his journey to becoming your future favorite amateur chef.

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