Fura De Nono

‘Ina son in dama fura de nono a kwarya da ludayi.’

‘I want to make fura de nono in a calabash with a spoon.’

And this is the beauty of food – the unending discoveries, of flavours and textures, of history and culture. This is what makes food sooooooo endearing to me. And tiring too sometimes because I feel as though I’m playing catch up, not enough time to eat my fill of the many things my heart desires but still.


I am also very fortunate to be the receiver of gifts too numerous to mention. Like the Fura and Nono, and the lesson which came from A, my Hausa teacher. 

I even learnt to say I want to make Fura de nono in a bowl with a spoon. cf. the first sentence of this post.


Fura – cooked, spiced millet, commonly in balls

Nono – raw/ locally fermented milk (sometimes substituted with yogurt)


The first time I tried Fura was in 2014, at Yahuza, a food joint in Abuja. It had tiny balls of millet which rolled on your tongue, somehow and grated coconut. I was hooked. And of course, planned on making my own.


And in 2015, I got gifted balls of Fura, made from cooked millet flour which has been spiced with ginger, cloves and sometimes, pepper. (Extra balls freeze well – just remove and let thaw before use). So I made my own…rather easily.


In a bowl, or calabash if you’re me, crush with the back of a spoon.


Make the base by stirring in a little yogurt.


And then finish by adding more yogurt or milk to your desired consistency.


Serve in a calabash :). Or in cup.


I really enjoyed it – the sweet, sour, creamy mix. It tastes grainy though, so I reckon you could have it like ‘cereal’, cold cereal if I dare say – I’m not sure what it would be like warm. 

Of course, my mind started wandering – what would happen if I added fruits and nuts :)????

Coming soon. In the interim, if you want to make your Fura from scratch, here is an excellent guide from Grated Nutmeg for Fura.

Peace & love

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