Avocado-Suya Burger

All weekend, I’ve been thinking about this burger. Inspired by vegan burgers on @3.Bunnies Instagram’s account, I made a #NewNigerianKitchen, #Whole30 compliant version.


You hass to try one of our Teriyaki Avocado Burgers 🍔💚🙈 We took a small break away from social media to enjoy somebunny’s(Christina’s) birthday 🎁🎈 Sometimes it’s nice to fall off grid for a few days and get lost in the mighty forest 🌳🌲⛰ What has everyone else been up to this week? Sending good vibrations everybun’s way on this cold Wednesday 😬❄️

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I guess when you hit 40, you begin to look at life differently. I’ve decided that I want to get fitter – exercise more because apart from sweating in the kitchen, I haven’t really been working out.

I want to reduce my carb intake – maybe save that for sweets and desserts :).

Anyhow, here’s my version. It includes:


Lime-pickled onions which are amazing
Sauteed green peppers
Black sesame seeds

Here’s how:

Begin with a good avocado – ripe but firm.

Cut it in half, remove the seed and using a tablespoon, seperate the flesh from the skin.

I sliced a bit off the halves – about 1 centimetre – I saved it for a salad 🙂
Next, the layering on one half of the avocado – lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and then the suya-spiced beef patty. 


Messy :), yes – definitely a two-handed operation but I loved it.

The avocado was creamy, not overly so. The spice from the patties cut the richness with the crisp, crunch and freshness of the vegetables. The lime-pickled onions are a must with the citrus fragrance and flavour tempering the onion’s bite.

What a delicious Sunday morning breakfast. Have a good one!


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