Yam & Dambun Kazaa Waffles

Yam Waffles with Dambu Kazaa

I’m a yam fan – fried, pounded, roasted – all and every way.

I’m a fan of waffles. Plain, with squash and pumpkin, many ways.

And then…why not Yam waffles.

1. one/ a good way to use leftover boiled yam (another is in a hash…awesome)

2. an exploration

Essentially, I took boiled yam

Yam Waffles with Dambu Kazaa

Passed it through a potato ricer

Yam Waffles with Dambu Kazaa

And combined that with pancake mix and Dambun Kazaa. Texture should be like a thickened pancake mix. I set that aside to rest while I heated up my waffle iron.

Yam Waffles with Dambu Kazaa

Then I made a quick stir-fried sauce in a greased pan of the holy grail of ‘suya’ vegetables – tomatoes, red onions, scotch bonnet peppers; and green bell peppers.

Yam Waffles with Dambu Kazaa

I seasoned this with sprinkles of Yaji – suya spice and a splash of water. I cooked this down till soft and ‘saucy’, adjusting flavours to suit me.

Yam Waffles with Dambu Kazaa

Sauce cooked, I baked my waffles – 3/ 4 minutes till they emerged just golden.

The finished product was topped with sauce, a healthy portion of Dambun Kazaa and scent leaves.

Yam Waffles with Dambu Kazaa

I loved the way it looked – the colours – rich and vibrant, umami-laden.

Yam Waffles with Dambu Kazaa

And the taste? Awesome. The canvas of yam waffles was nice – you got the light flavour of the yam (yam pancakes would be great too! Just saying), with a rich sauce, and the spicy, crisp-chewy Kazaa. Of course, the herby-citrus flavour of the scent leaves formed the crowing jewel.

Yam Hash with Dambu Kazaa

Thoroughly enjoyed. Loved. Will be repeated.

Whaddya think?

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