My Childhood Favourites

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 21, 2011
This thing called ‘nostalgia’. Who are you? You blow hot and cold at the same time – one child, different mothers, loved and hated the same. In one hand you hold the Polaroids of old, yellowed and dog-eared with age…full of smiles, carefree youthfulness and abandon; yet in the other sits the present and the […]

How to Make Nigerian Ogbono ‘Soup’

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 9, 2011
The Hague, July 2011 Imagine this: Its Monday morning in the official headquarters and I’m in the ‘war room’, surrounded by uber-tech computer screens, sitting around a large wood-panelled table. My entire body finds solace in a soft, black leather swivel chair and I sink in, armed for another work week. Chit and chatter fill […]

Why I loved Steve Jobs!

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 6, 2011
I am writing this on my 2011 MacBook Pro. Last night one of my heros died – Steve Jobs. My husband says ‘I’ll never go back to Windows’, after a few weeks of flirting with my our Apple laptop. In 2006, I had a sleek black iPod which we loved. I still have it, dead […]

Reunited – My Camera & I

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 4, 2011
What joy it is to hold my camera again

1st of October – Nigeria’s Independence Day

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 1, 2011
Nigeria is independent, her independence already 51 years long. And still….a distance to go I’d love to share two poems: one written by me and the other, shared with my daughter’s class (full credits to come) #1 – ‘Nigerian Green’ with Angry Pride, Oz Today, I am green Green with anger Longing for the Nigeria […]