Cooking with Fruit: Mangoes

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 28, 2011

America – Through My Taxi Window

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 23, 2011
A week. Views and landscapes flitting rapidly by… eyes, taking it all in. Welcome to America.

Green Chile Soft Pretzels For St Patrick’s Day

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 17, 2011
This post is a tribute to St Patrick, the saint I’ve never met.

March On With The Daring Cooks: Salmon Ceviche & A Wedge Salad

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 14, 2011
This month’s Daring Cooks challenge is brought to you by a very weary Traveller Jane. Weary in body but not in mind, soul or belly. So weary and a touch under the weather, that this daring cook stayed in on Saturday, fresh off a flight from the US of A, huddled on the couch watching […]

Coming to America & Coconut Jam Drops

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 4, 2011
So I teased you in my last post about ‘Coming to America’. Its all part of my bubbling excitement because the fartherest west I’ve been is Barbados – I know, its not a bad bookend. Now, I am glad, just like Eddie Murphy was in his film version ‘Coming to America’.

How To Make Nigerian Pepper Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 1, 2011
Nigeria, we hail thee, Our own dear native land, Though tribe and tongue may differ, In brotherhood we stand, ….. Nigeria may be blessed. Nigeria We Hail Thee (1960) by Lillian Jean Williams In Jesus name, Amen.