A Platter of Savoury Turkish Delights

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 25, 2011
Our gastro travels on this week’s culinary tour brings us to Turkey, a country I love for its yogurt – a pot is always on stand-by in our fridge.

Bucket List #12: Go to Berlin

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 22, 2011
Vague.  Undefined. Free. At liberty to do anything on arrival. All I wanted to do was go to Berlin and I did. It was a last minute trip – new Nigerian legislation called for all citizens, home and abroad to have the new electronic passport. For me, this was critical with business trips planned which […]

New Year’s Cookfest with the Daring Cooks: Confit & Cassoulet

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 14, 2011
Nothing prepared me for the deliciousness that would confront me when my cassoulet was done. From the very beginning, I celebrated only part of the challenge – the confit. And the cassoulet aka bean bake? I crossed right off my list because I knew, I just knew from the ingredients list that it couldn’t possibly […]

Pan Micha from Panama, Une Miche from France

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 11, 2011
A bridge A connection Worlds. Hopes. Dreams, woven Destinies united Over water Across land Cultures, cuisines, language & skin United in humanity Separated by oceans and seas Mountains and valleys The Brief Welcome to the 2011 Culinary Tour, organised by Joan of Foodalogue. Traditional: make one of the country’s national or traditional dishes. Contemporary: take […]

Nigerian Small Chops: Puff-Puff & Fish

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 6, 2011
Welcome to 2011: “Sometimes it’s easier to act your self into a new way of thinking, than it is to think your self into a new way of acting.” {Jo Berry, author}. Small chops in Nigeria are all the rage – tiny, tasty bites of jazzed-up traditional recipes, served at parties of every sort. Think […]

Welcome to 2011!

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 1, 2011
[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Welcome to 2011! – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]