Three Chicken Wing recipes, for Football season and beyond

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 30, 2010
Apparently, its football season in the US of A. Well, in my home, football season never goes away for my husband. Whether accompanied my sticky, juicy wings or not. Thanks to food52, I’ve risen to the occasion to bond with my American friends and come up with a few recipes. It doesn’t matter that these […]

Moin Moin – Steamed Nigerian Bean Cake

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 23, 2010
At eight years old, I was full of ambition. I had my mind made up and nothing, absolutely nothing was going to take my dream away. My dream of….

A Nectarine Tart & The Colour Red

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 19, 2010
Red. I love red. I wear red in winter, to outcry from my very western-world colleagues. But I offer no apologies. I like the passion, the romance and the strength of crimson and cerise hues. However, I wasn’t prepared for the sight that confronted me at a meeting last Thursday afternoon. This was an office […]

Daring Cooks Preserve: How to Make & Preserve Apple Pectin

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 16, 2010
When I hear the wind bellow and scream, And see yellow leaves scurry Ochre ones run And russets  scamper Into tree-line paths and winding driveways Gardens and front porches too When I feel the cold rain drops And watch them fall on the slant I know that Fall is come The season of apples and […]

Heirloom Tomatoes Fattoush

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 10, 2010
Embrace the heart of the Levant with Fattoush, of the genus Fattat – a family of  stale bread salads with toasted or fried pieces of khubz ‘arabi ( pita bread) as the base, combined with seasonal vegetables. Like croutons, the crisp pita shards bring bready substance to the fragrant, herbed salad alongside heirloom tomatoes, cucumber […]

Strawberry Cardamom ‘Smoothie’ Jam

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 7, 2010
Hints of the familiar, amidst a crowd of unfamiliar. That’s everyday life. The constants change daily and the strange becomes ‘worn in’. Like rain in the summer. And cardamom in desserts. I find my mind split in two – half loves cardamom in all Indian recipes, even those that don’t call for it and the […]

Bounty of Deliciousness in a Box: My First & Last CSA box

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 3, 2010
It took me a while to find out what CSA meant and why people were so excited about it.  Eventually I found out it was ‘Community-supported agriculture’ referring simply to a partnership between (small-scale) growers and consumers  where by an exchange was made of cash or produce, for produce. I like it. Everything about it […]