Herb Poached Nectarines

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 28, 2010
It’s all about timing, life is. I am often shocked at the ‘coincidences’ that take place. Mind you, I don’t believe at all in coincidence, I am more a fan of the law of attraction. Me, food, you, we happy.

Palates & Palettes: Painting Backgrounds for Food Photography

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 23, 2010
Welcome to Palates & Palettes, a series of (food) photography posts exploring various elements of food photography because we savour the colours of the food as well as the ‘canvas’ it lays upon.

Daring Cooks make Pierogi in August

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 20, 2010
Sometimes I’m stunned by his partial food memory. He could have a delicious meal today and not remember a single component the following week.  That’s my husband. Last year, he went to Krakow (Poland) and in true foodie style, I organised with staff at the hotel where he stayed to make sure he tried pierogi. […]

Steamed Plantain Pudding, Nigerian style

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 17, 2010
Don’t be deceived by the food porn you see in my regular KB posts: that’s not how I regularly serve my ‘food for eat’. Call me what you like (food pimp even) but I love everything about food – the components, the assembly and the presentation. I enjoy experimenting with colour palettes and taste palates, […]

Cooking with fruit: Blackberries

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 14, 2010
I wonder if prehistoric men ever felt the thrill of foraging for food. Perhaps they, in that ancient manner of men viewed their hunting and gathering with purpose and nary a hint of frivolity: to sustain and to provide for themselves and family. These days and modern times, we forage, not for sustenance but for […]

Cupboard Love: Barbecued Mustard Chicken

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 11, 2010
I’m swamped – family visits: 2 sisters, 3 kids. Fun but swamped. I’m writing in a hurry……knowing well my attention will be needed soon, and closing my ears to the deafening noise of 6 children!

Happy National Mustard Day

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 7, 2010
Please thank fine art daily for letting me know there was such a day designed especially for mustard and mustard lovers.

How to make Labneh & other exciting news

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 4, 2010
I wish I could go away and come back to news like this every single time. So Wales was FUN – as soon as the days ahead give me some time back, I’ll scribe up our experiences of rolling, verdant hills and stunning landscapes. Anyhow, we were in Wales when I got some exciting news. […]