Galia Melon Marmalade

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 27, 2010
Progress…at last, she says smiling at her ability to walk up the stairs to her third floor office without total collapse and shortage of breath.

Bruléed French Toast, with ancho strawberry preserve

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 22, 2010
I wasn’t sitting under a tree when this idea came to me No apple dropped on my head Stunning me to discovery But then I’m no Newton It is my good friend, L I have to thank for this Albeit it in a roundabout way See, once upon a time three years ago I needed […]

Ancho Strawberry Preserve, for Week 4

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 18, 2010
True confession, and I think we better get it said and out of the way. I would hate for you to hear it from someone else, after all this time we’ve spent together. So,….

Daring Cooks go nuts in July: Nigerian Suya & nut butters

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 15, 2010
When my 7 year old daughter talks about Nigeria and going back, one of the things on the top of her list is Suya. My 4 year old doesn’t remember the absolutely delicious bits of spiced beef on sticks, cooked over hot coals by specialists – men from the northern part of Nigeria, where this […]

Cooking with fruit: Peaches

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 13, 2010
Every summer I’m infatuated with one stone fruit or the other: last summer it was plums, encouraged by a killer bargain I explored their use in various ways; this year its peaches. Next year just might be Apricots, who knows! Surprisingly however I didn’t know the difference between a peach and a nectarine, confusing the […]

Week 3: What we ate

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 11, 2010
So life is back to normal, since I have my camera back.

The Ackee Tree Restaurant, Barbados

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 10, 2010
We journey to a place Bringing pieces of our heart with us And as we make our way through We discover yet another new place We wish to journey to. When we leave We take a piece of the land And plan our next journeys To a distant land So it was that I discovered […]

Week 2: What we ate

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 5, 2010
My guide to messy eating The first time I wrote this piece, years ago it was a guide on how to eat huge profiteroles without covering your face in cream.This weekend, past, it translated into ‘How to eat a hamburger with all the trimmings….and no burger buns’. Don’t get me wrong, I love bread but […]

Better Late than Never, Fennel & More

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 2, 2010
Just got a bike. As in a bicycle, three years after living in the Netherlands. Flat country and all, I’ve never been motivated to ride. This is a third stage in my life, cycling The first was as a child when our Choppers brought so much joy Then I had a bike at University and […]