Jollof Rice and Chicken

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 28, 2010
And the winner is of the cookbook giveaway is …….

Feasting on Art Recipe Contest: Strawberry and Balsamic Sorbet in Lemon Shells

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 26, 2010
Hi everyone. A photo and recipes to follow but first…… …. I’m back. I missed you and KB but it was fantastic to enjoy sun, sand and the sea in Barbados without worrying about ‘late posts’ and comments….or lack off! And yes that’s me….on a surf board, riding on waves of azure waters!

How to make Dutch Stroopwaffels

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 17, 2010
This post is a scheduled one being posted from my holiday hotel, as I check in online… return home, from an amazing week in Barbados.  I hope you enjoy it. Stroopwaffles are a common sight in shops, stalls and even vending machines all over the Netherlands. The average dutch person consumes 20 of these waffles each […]

10 Things to do with ‘Puerto-Rican’ Meatloaf and a giveaway

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 16, 2010
This last week has been busy. Getting ready to go on holiday, working till the last minute and not being able to do my regular blog-hopping and reading!!!!! Forgive me. You’ve all been patient and kind to keep coming back. So….this giveaway is for you! A choice from 2 books which I have and love: […]

March on Risotto, with the Daring Cooks

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 14, 2010
To be honest, I’m not that fussed about risottos anymore. I’m more concerned about testing some ‘realities’ with it! Don’t get me wrong, I like risotto but its Arancini which I’ve been hankering after, especially cause I hadn’t tried it!

Mexican Chocolate Macarons and Hot Choccie

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 13, 2010
I’d given up completely….. …on ever making macarons. Certainly not this weekend. The damn things. Its not as if I love them anyway.

‘Sparkling’ Jelly, White Chocolate and Caviar Celebration

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 13, 2010
I’m celebrating… Warm weather and spring Best friends and rings Holidays Birthdays Wedding days…. and every living day I’m celebrating health and wealth {and no, I haven’t won the lottery yet} Blogging buddies and 50,000+ hits 107 posts  and that’s not it I’m celebrating love and giving thanks With wine jelly, white chocolate and caviar […]

Spice up your life with citrus dust

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 9, 2010
This weekend’s treasure hunt in the world of deliciousness (aka catching up with blog reading) led me to Debi’s supercool Meyer Lemon dust: no reference to sweeping lemons off the street either.

‘Cuban’ strawberries with Meringue Ice-cream

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 7, 2010
So, I want to clear up a few things before I get to the heart of the matter: I know strawberries are not in ‘season’ according to the traditional food calenders. I am also very aware that there is nothing Cuban about strawberries. Don’t believe me? Well, go ahead, type Cuban strawberries in Google and […]