A weekend of Thai food and more

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 29, 2009
The red thread this weekend was Thai in the whole fabric of food that was M’s visit. My friend, M. My darling friend who says ‘Food is a form of expression’ – so you can guess what the rest of the weekend involved!

Another Hollandwood plaque

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 26, 2009
Flickr…Thank you. Through Flickr, I got one of my photos of St Stephen’s cathedral in  Vienna published in the 8th edition of the Schmap! I got an email one day asking if I’d like to submit my photo for the guide. If it got accepted they would let me know. I had nothing to lose so […]

Pear Tarte Tatin…my inspiration

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 23, 2009
Upside down cakes….I love ’em. The first one I ever had was a pineapple upside-down cake. That was long before I became allergic to some varieties of pineapple. Yes, allergic.

Things I’m thankful for…

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 22, 2009
It all started when I opened the door…and stepped outside this morning To behold the beauty and colour that a rainbow brings Hope and courage were built up in my heart as the rainbow I saw arched over skies the grey and the blue, side by side, as clouds must be for a rainbow to form […]

Steak Bling, Bling

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 19, 2009
Show me a man who doesn’t like sizzling steak, and I’ll tell him who he is….he may be vegetarian and not know it. No offense. I like the idea of steak – a smoking hunk of beef on a warm plate – tasty, rested – heaven! I wasn’t raised on steak, a natural born steak […]

Indonesian Satés & Soul

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 18, 2009
Talk about melangés…talk about Indonesia and its delicious patchwork of influences from all over Asia – peanut sauces and hot chilies from Thailand, Vietnamese nam pla (fish sauce) and terasi (shrimp paste), Indian spices, Chinese stirfries… a conglomerate of tastes and techniques all rolled up. More often than not, a typical Indonesian meal combines sweet, sour, […]

Peanut Butter Chicken

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 14, 2009
Cupboard love – you have to have it.  Those days when nothing will do but something simple. Guaranteed, full-proof. We all have some of those – the sandwich that quenches all hunger, the drinks that cool all thirsts and the chicken….. that satisfies the desire for creamy, succulent, fragrant and all with something straight from […]

Greek salad extraordinaire

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 9, 2009
I have a recipe book, a recipe address book where I write down my recipes. The recipes that go in there are those that make the cut and hit the mark. Those recipes are forever immortalized in my food hall of fame. You’ll be glad to know that this salad has reigned there for almost a decade […]

Target tips

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 6, 2009
 Recognise this pattern? Maybe you do… but I didn’t, at first. I’ve never been to America. Please don’t laugh…..