Nigerian Food in Literature: The New Yam Festival in ‘Things Fall Apart’

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 10, 2016
There are one hundred mentions of Yam – one hundred. 100. C (Roman Numerals) in Things Fall Apart (1958)  – the most widely read book in modern African literature. Written by renowned writer, the late Chinua Achebe, the novel is set in late 19th century Nigeria, pre colonisation. It follows the life of Okonkwo, a wrestling champion on a journey that […]

Question: Why is New Yam So Expensive?

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 7, 2015
Yesterday, my friend, @Shutupkecy asked me why New Yam was so expensive – a fact I had noted but rather silently. So, here we are? @Kitchnbutterfly oz why is yam now so expensive 😂😂 can you make a blogpost about that? — Mr Dalloway (@ShutUpKecy) September 6, 2015 And then when I posted this on twitter, […]

Eight (8) Recipes that Redeem New Yam

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 1, 2015
So, yes, New Yam is here… And if you’re patient, it will age ever so gracefully and someday soon, in weeks and months, sitting at your table, you’ll feast on old yam – yam whose waters have left, and left behind flavours concentrated. Yam with textures not crumbly meaty, delightful. Someday, if you are patient. The […]

Celebrating New Yam

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 30, 2015
The New Yam festival is a harvest festival celebrated across Nigeria and many parts of Africa. When I made Ofe Nsala, my Igbo friends mentioned that this was the perfect soup to feast on in the village square during iwaji/ irijiohuru, which celebrates the start of the harvest season.  I think one should praise God, […]

Snail & Yam Hash

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 20, 2015
And just from the sound of it, you know this is a hit. Right? Snails, chopped up in the blender, pan fried with boiled (fresh or leftover) yam chunks turned golden from sauteeing. Add a pepper sauce ’cause snails and ‘pepper’ go great and vegetables… and let the one pot do its wonders. For some […]