What Shall We Call It – D’Asun, DundunAsun, AsunDundun, Asundu[n]?

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 12, 2017
You can see it right? That it doesn’t matter what you call it, its delicious any which way. Three things…wait five: I’m from Edo state and yam is in our blood. In fact, I daresay my bones are made from the creamiest, most delicious tubers of yam. I love fried yam. And goatmeat. I remember […]

From The Groundnut Cookbook: Puna Yam Cake

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 27, 2015
It’s the season of old yam, yam that’s sweeter, less watery, more tasty than new yam. It’s the season of celebration, of fond remembrance, of Thanksgiving. It is the season of rebirth, of hope, of possibility and this, right here – this cake is everything and more. It comes from the stunning The Groundnut cookbook, […]

Eight (8) Recipes that Redeem New Yam

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 1, 2015
So, yes, New Yam is here… And if you’re patient, it will age ever so gracefully and someday soon, in weeks and months, sitting at your table, you’ll feast on old yam – yam whose waters have left, and left behind flavours concentrated. Yam with textures not crumbly meaty, delightful. Someday, if you are patient. The […]