Yam & Egg Tortilla, In the Manner of Spain

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 6, 2015
…in the manner of the Tortilla Espanol or Spanish Omelette – an egg-based dish made with potatoes. To be honest, I almost always do a like for like, swapping yam for potatoes. Sometimes, it works well – like in waffles, and hashes and what nots and sometimes we have to think about it a bit […]

Travel by Plate: Saminaka & Its Yaji-spiced Fried Yam with Crunchy Chicken Skin

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 2, 2014
Travel by Plate is a series exploring food, culture and travel, from Nigeria to South America and beyond. Please welcome my friend, the wonderful Adetoun of Finding Uhuru who wrote this post. A few weeks ago, I cried out on Twitter, desperately seeking someone, anyone who’d been to Saminaka in my yaji-craze, someone who had experienced the piping hot […]