Ramadan Recipes, with Acha

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 14, 2016
I’ve been cooking a lot of Acha – everyone in mia familia loves it, picky eaters included. It is a great grain – available, inexpensive, gluten free, easy to cook and super nutritious. I mean, how good can it get? Here are a few ways we’ve had it –  as porridge (least favourite but take 2 on […]

Discovering Acha – Fonio

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 28, 2016
The first time I hear about Acha, its 2014, and from a doctor friend of mine in Port Harcourt. She has gorgeous red hair and used to live in the North of Nigeria. We talk about my love for ‘Arewa cuisine’ and she tells me about ‘hungry rice’, how she loves it. Its 2016 when […]