Weekend Wonders: Whisks Allsorts

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 8, 2013
Or Whisk Away. I love whisks. Of every kind. I have a collection too. I love to collect. Ideas, thoughts, beautiful things. Functional things too. Things with form and beauty. I bookmark a thousand things a day. Write a thousand collections in my notebook. Make a million plans. I’m happy. My current collections are varied. […]

Weekend Wonders: Cardamom – Green, White and Black

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 9, 2013
This Weekend Wonder is dedicated to Cardamom and Deception.  Sweet. Deeply aromatic. Mentholated. Cooling spice. Beguiling. Exotic. Heady scents. Complex, Intensely aromatic, sweet, complex, spicy, beguiling, heady. Intoxicating. Complex, of citrus, peppers, flora and herbs. Bringing intrigue. Delivering depth.  Resinous. Deception. That feeling of being let down. Lied to. Treated with malicious intent.

Weekend Wonders: Nigerian Gin Peppers

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 2, 2013
Hot. Spicy. Fearing naught. Seeking adventure. Discovering heritage. Ian McCall writes so eloquently of the Nigerian groundnut pyramids in his memoirs ‘Sweet Pass Kerosene’, his personal history and memories of Nigeria. He makes mention of sherry and gin peppers and this weekend wonder is born. A weekend wonder that sees a hot sauce that uses Gin […]

Weekend Wonders: Bushels, Baskets & Flats of Tomatoes

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 27, 2013
When I first wrote about tomatoes, before the Marketplace/ Tomato post, I confess I’d never seen tomatoes sold anywhere else in the world in the same way. Till I woke up on a saturday morning and came across a photo – of baskets of tomatoes in an Italian Piazza while flicking through ‘Waitrose Kitchen’, the […]