Coffee in Arusha-Tanzania: From Berry/ Cherry to Bean

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 23, 2017
I am a gradual learner. In the case of coffee, I’ve progressed from instant to cold brew from grounds. Next step? Buying a cafetière and grinding my own beans because I’m now an aficionado :). After all, do you know all the things I do about coffee? No? Well, grab a cup let me tell […]

Tanzanian Street Food, a la Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 19, 2016
Street food is a window into the soul of any nation’s cuisine. What foods are battered, sold wrapped in paper and bags are often the bedrock upon which a great proportion of the population eat and feast. I find it one way to discover a city, to embrace it, to discover all the ways in […]

The Best In-flight Entertainment for Food Lovers

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 25, 2015
I love travelling yet there are many aspects that I would gladly do without – the entire visa application process (I just emerged from a traumatic experience) which is tedious and can go awry, packing, traffic to the airport, checking in…almost everything up to the minute I sit in my (often economy) seat. All’s well […]

Agbalumo at Border Control

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 25, 2015
I’m amazed when they both know what it is. They arent familiar with African Cherry but when I mention star apple they say yes. They can’t remember agbalumo but the White American gentleman says Udara as does the South American. The dried one has them stunned. ‘I know it …but I’ve never seen it dried’. […]

Things I’m Thankful For in October

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 17, 2010
Maple leaves  and carnet tickets in Paris. Along with great foodie shops…

Apples and Orchards

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 12, 2010
See these photos? Allow them tempt you…a teeny weeny bit. The recipe for this Tarte aux pommes et sucre will follow someday soon – I promise. As will that of the apple curd!

We’ve ticked the box: Cologne Christmas Market, done!

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 21, 2009
I’m not one to turn down great offers, be it sushi or plums. So when a friend asked if I wanted to go with her and her kids to a Christmas market, I said yes! For many reasons including the top one – I’d never been to a German Christmas market before.

Being in London – Part 2

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 20, 2009
You already know I had a great time in London – according to me, a well-deserved break. Now one thing I can say is that I had a lot of typical British meals – from a cream tea of scones to the staple, Fish and chips and Eton mess. Now each of these has a special […]

Being in London – Part 1

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 17, 2009
Manchester, 1990: Unfortunately, this B&B doesn’t offer a Continental breakfast. When I try a cracker with jam, I almost spit it out because it tastes so foul. When I look up from my plate, I see everyone in the breakfast room is staring at me. An old man at the table beside me coughs. ‘You […]