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Marketplace: Tomatoes. By The Basket Load

They come from all over Nigeria and go by different names, speaking to their provenance, their source and origins. The tomatoes do. Names unpronounceable in some languages, where certain consonant combinations are never found. Like gb. Pronounced with force and confidence.  And literally known as labial-velar consonants. Truly doubly articulated labial–velars occur as stops and nasals in the majority […]

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The Taming of The Stew

His cries of ‘spice, spice’ herald new beginnings, but at only 4 years old…this little man knows it not. This is the first proper ‘thing’ to come out of our new kitchen ( long before our delicious churros which have been followed by cupcakes and pizza. I’m thankful I can still cook and bake!), or […]


Heirloom Tomatoes Fattoush

Embrace the heart of the Levant with Fattoush, of the genus Fattat – a family of  stale bread salads with toasted or fried pieces of khubz ‘arabi ( pita bread) as the base, combined with seasonal vegetables. Like croutons, the crisp pita shards bring bready substance to the fragrant, herbed salad alongside heirloom tomatoes, cucumber […]


Cooking with fruit: Tomatoes….

….’cause technically speaking, tommies are fruit! Anyhow, since I heard these lines a few weeks ago, I’ve been itching to share them! ‘Measure with a micrometer, Mark with chalk, Cut with an axe.’ Carl Zwanzig Ray’s Rule of Precision….works well for Passata too! In food terms this would be: