June’s Pure Market in Den Haag

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 6, 2010
Let me be the first to caution you today: ‘Don’t believe everything you hear’. Go ahead, make an effort and find out the truth for yourself. Take me for example: when I first moved to the Netherlands, many a joke was told of stodgy, farmer’s food – potatoes, meat and veg was the described staple […]

Sligro’s Christmas Party, 2009

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 10, 2009
If I say I love Sligro…one more time, what would you say or do? And The Haguest card, that brought us Eten & Drinken 2010? Would you think that I had gone over the top? Alright then, wait and see what fun we had and what great delights we had to eat at my very […]

Foodfest: Eten & Drinken 2010

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 15, 2009
The next best thing about not winning a quad of free tickets to a great shindig…