An 8-Day Menu for Suhoor

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 17, 2015
If you’re looking for more suggestions for Suhoor, I’ve got you covered. Most of the recipes are make ahead, or easy to rustle up dishes so you can save some energy while getting the nourishment you need. The key is planning ahead, preparing some of the elements up front and then assembling. Here’s an 8-day menu with […]

Six ‘Meal’ Ideas for Suhoor

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 16, 2015
I think it is a terrific idea to plan your meals during Ramadan – not only does it help with stocking your pantry, it ensures you have healthy, nourishing meals planned. If I hadn’t spoken with Hauwa of Casa Kuluwaz though, I wouldn’t have understood the need to plan. Of the two ‘meals’,Iftar is much ‘celebrated’. […]