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Strawberry Cardamom ‘Smoothie’ Jam

Hints of the familiar, amidst a crowd of unfamiliar. That’s everyday life. The constants change daily and the strange becomes ‘worn in’. Like rain in the summer. And cardamom in desserts. I find my mind split in two – half loves cardamom in all Indian recipes, even those that don’t call for it and the […]

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Wordless Monday: Farm fresh Strawberries

These strawberries come from our weekly drive-by farmer, grown on his farm. I love the weirdness of some of the strawberries – imperfect can be beautiful too, like me…and you. For more Wordless photos on Kitchen Butterfly, see my Wordless category For more Wordless photos on the main Wordless Wednesday, visit the Wordless Wednesday blog.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Wordless […]