A World of Terrines

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 29, 2011
I’ve always wanted to make a terrine so when Penny tooted the International Incident Party horn, I danced to her tune. A year ago, I updated my library with a purchase of Franck Pontais’s book ‘Terrines & Verrines’– one of the few English books (the other mostly in French) on the subject of those two […]

Nikuman: Japanese Pork Buns

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 26, 2011
Nikuman. Perfect food for cold wintry days and chilly memories of charming Prague where sub-zero temperatures resulted in lots of  coffee and hot chocolate. I am glad to be home.

Moin Moin – Steamed Nigerian Bean Cake

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 23, 2010
At eight years old, I was full of ambition. I had my mind made up and nothing, absolutely nothing was going to take my dream away. My dream of….

Daring Cooks make Pierogi in August

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 20, 2010
Sometimes I’m stunned by his partial food memory. He could have a delicious meal today and not remember a single component the following week.  That’s my husband. Last year, he went to Krakow (Poland) and in true foodie style, I organised with staff at the hotel where he stayed to make sure he tried pierogi. […]

Steamed Plantain Pudding, Nigerian style

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 17, 2010
Don’t be deceived by the food porn you see in my regular KB posts: that’s not how I regularly serve my ‘food for eat’. Call me what you like (food pimp even) but I love everything about food – the components, the assembly and the presentation. I enjoy experimenting with colour palettes and taste palates, […]